Participation Rules

TSVN was designed to appeal to a broad audience of people with different values, interests and talents.

It has two major interaction modes:

1) 'Participant' mode (default);

2) 'Player' mode. Player mode turns the user experience into more of a game where you can compete for reward and recognition.

This mode adds a little more fun to the overall TSVN experience.

General Rules
  • a. Share, learn and have fun.

    b. Anyone can explore headlines, blogs, articles and the forum. But... to submit anything and to vote, you need to be a member.

    c. If you are old enough to think about the future of our planet and humanity then you are old enough to participate at TSVN.

    d. You can add content in different languages.

  • e. A future headline is a simple text-based statement that presents some vision of what a better world might look like tomorrow - near or long term. Anything remotely possible and something you believe to be an improvement to our world is fair game.

    f. Individual members are given tools to block specific content and other participants. There is no limit to what can be blocked. If enough members block something or someone then TSVN may put a system wide block on it too. This effectively removes it from the platform. We do not delete content or accounts. Our members in effect police the network for us.

Game Rules
  • i. You must be a member to vote.

    ii. No limit to how often you can vote.

    iii. You can change your vote anytime and any number of times.

    iv. You must vote on a particular headline to access its Support Story.

  • v. You can earn one point for each vote your headline receives, but this is limited by the votes you add to other player's headlines, but also no limit.

    vi. TSVN does NOT report on who votes how or on what - on an individual basis. We only report on total participation vote of each headline.

    vii. Be an early voter and supporter. If a headline becomes a top performer, the first 10 voters earn bonus points..


Only members of TSVN can add new posts.

  • i. You can enter up to three new posts per headline per day.

    ii. Give one brilliance star per player per day.

  • iii. Give a maximum of one star per blog post.

    iv. You earn one point for each brilliance star you are given by other players.

  • Members can submit two headlines per day. We are looking for quality vs. quantity.

  • i. Depending on your past headline support popularity, you can earn additional submission opportunities.


TSVN gives every member a full toolbox of tools with which to make your TSVN experience easier, more fun and more educational.

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