Candidate testing replaces political debating

Are you as tired of the debates as I am? It is an art-form of how the candidates dodge the difficult questions and change the subject. What if... instead of asking each candidate their position on an issue, we instead asked each candidate to provide answers to how their constituency answered the question. What if we elected our representatives based on how well they understand their constituency? Learn more about this idea and help further develop it within the blog.


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  • 45 minutes ago 7

    So the idea is that the old debate format becomes more like a game show. Each candidate is trying to win the game. They do this by earning the best score by providing better matching responses - each written down blindly by each candidate.

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  • 45 minutes ago 7

    The game show host delivers each question and controls the flow of the game.

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  • 45 minutes ago 12

    Where do the answers come from?

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  • 45 minutes ago 7

    The constituency data comes from an new simple and fun polling network that is 100% unbiased and trustworthy.

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