TSVN was designed to appeal to a broad audience of people with different values, interests and talents.

It has two major interaction modes:

1) 'Participant' mode (default);

2) 'Player' mode. Player mode turns the user experience into more of a game where you can compete for reward and recognition.

This mode adds a little more fun to the overall TSVN experience.

    1. Participant FAQs
  • a. What is TSVN trying to sell me?


    TSVN is a free communication tool for you. It's objective is to get you to share your ideas and creativity and your life's priorities perspective.

  • b. How does TSVN make money?

    Sells organizations services.

    TSVN can help your organization grow and be more effective in its work.

  • c. Is TSVN a social network?

    Kind of.

    In Phase 1 TSVN is not a full-fledged social network, but we look to become more community centric in the near future. In this phase we are focused more on delivering to the individual tools that deliver more happiness and hope for our future.

  • d. Is TSVN a serious game?

    It can be.

    Serious gaming is educational gaming. TSVN is much more about education than it is about gaming, but a game platform design can deliver education with a lot more fun. TSVN allows each individual to decide on their own to switch on the gaming mode and to play vs. just participate.

  • e. What is in it for me?


    TSVN is designed to empower you, but you must fully engage to achieve the power. It is designed to bring more happiness into your life. It is designed to give you an increased sense of hope for a more sustainable future. It is a tool for you to feature your creativity. If played as a game, you may find recognition and even fame.

  • f. Can I participate anonymously?


    TSVN understands many people have a ‘hidden voice’ that is locked up within themselves because of mistrust and insecurity. Our present world has forced us into this unhappy place. It takes some people a long time to become more trustful. Because of this we allow you to start off in TSVN as a totally anonymous participant. Then as you learn to trust TSVN there are ways for you to slowly come out of your shell.

  • g. What are future headlines?

    Future headlines are our main product.

    A future headline is like a newspaper headline, but instead of speaking of something happening today it delivers a vision for tomorrow. There are no bounds to what a future headline can be - if you can imagine it and write it, and you believe it indicates a better tomorrow then it is allowable in the TSVN system.

  • h. What is the IRC?

    Identity Reveal Controller.

    One of the many innovations TSVN introduces to the world is the IRC feature. All the content you create and submit into TSVN is not directly attributed to the real you. Instead you specify the amount and type of data you want others to know about you. You create an identity or many different identities and for each different submission you attach an identity to it. Thereafter you can change the identity reveal - anytime, revealing more or less of the real you. You have 100% control all the time and this is how you control how you come out of your shell.

  • i. What is Blocking?

    It’s the TSVN ‘good experience’ controller.

    TSVN tackles the SPAM issue a little differently than most. We do not directly police for inappropriate content submitted into our system. Instead we give each member (you) a tool to eliminate or block content that you find offensive or breaking the rules. You can block both individual submissions and participant members that in turn block all content that person has submitted.

  • j. What is Pinging?

    You ping another participant when you want to communicate with them personally.

    TSVN is not a social network. We DO NOT allow personal conversations within a headline blog. But we know that our members will sometimes want to connect. Our solution is the old fashion PING - let someone know you want to connect with them, but do not actually do it from the start. Leave it up to the other person to check you out and decide to connect or NOT. TSVN then provides a simple Instant Messaging (IM) tool to connect and decide how you will communicate from there.

  • k. How does TSVN connect with GNH?

    TSVN uses categories based on the four pillars of Gross National Happiness (GNH) as headline categories.

    GNH is now gaining popularity as one of a few emerging economy assessments - as a replacement for Gross National Product (GNP) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) http://www.diffen.com/difference/GDP_vs_GNP. We see TSVN as a tool to quantify the GNH http://www.gnhusa.org/ because TSVN indirectly measures happiness.

    2. Game & 'Player' FAQs
  • a. What makes a GREAT headline?

    Via lots of support votes and blog activity over time.

    Players submit headlines and then other players vote and blog on these headlines. Not only are the numbers important but also how quickly and how long a headline gets and keeps attention is also important. TSVN combines all these factors together to determine which headlines are top performers.

  • b. Are the headlines ever deleted?

    No or rarely.

    Many great ideas do not find popularity right away. Most people tend to have a certain mindset, and it often takes a while to shift one’s way of thinking and believing. It’s important to have a system design that continually brings old headlines and ideas back into review and TSVN has this design. Now if someone submits a ‘rule breaking’ headline then we will block it from all our members experiences. Not really deleting it, but in effect deleting it.

  • c. Why are there limitations on the number of headlines I can post?

    To encourage better headlines.

    TSVN limits the number of headlines you can post in hopes that you spend more time carefully crafting your headline. Your headline is competing for attention, and to become a top performer and popular you need to make it short and sweet and attractive. Poorly thought-out submissions will automatically fade away in the limelight of the great ones.

  • d. What is the AMP system?

    Associate Membership Program.

    This is a cool innovation of the TSVN system. It’s a system that helps you in the game and also helps us with marketing TSVN. We reward you extra points, and the more new members you get signed up as your personal network associates the better for both of us. And in our AMP system you can work your way up the ladder and greatly increase your reward potential.

  • e. Who are my associates and sponsors?

    The AMP system gives you both a sponsor and unlimited associates.

    Every member of TSVN registers under another member. This one member is your sponsor. You in turn can have new members sign up under you. All these members who do so are your associates. If you play the game better than your sponsor then you can swap position with your sponsor - in effect adding all her/his associates to your personal network.

  • f. What are gift points?

    AMP reward points.

    There are two ways that TSVN gives you reward points: 1) via the work you personally do in the system; 2) via the work your associates do. Gift points are those points that come from #2. Your associates gift you points when they earn or are gifted points. Gift points are shared from associate to sponsor all the way up the AMP structure.