About Us

The Shared Vision Network (TSVN) is a collaborative space to be inspired, share, evaluate and co-create the future - consciously


  • Improvement is our goal

    As with all previous generations before us, we are in a constant process of creation and change.

    This time we are waking up to the possibilities of creating a future with an awareness of the present state of our world and with a recognition of what makes us alive and happy.

  • Our Team

    Beverly Schler - communications and marketing chief

    Gabi Dragomir - business development chief

    Joe Shumaker - systems and tools chief

    Maya Bobrowska - new paradigm chief

Enabling Emergence
  • To perpetually define fields within the cyberspace to enable emergence through connections and conversations.

    Keep a focus on cosmic flow while enabling uniqueness in individual expression.

  • Widening and deepening doing and being. Expanding connections into infinity within oneness of us all.

    Aligning, understanding and following the natural flow of creation and dissolution.

    Enabling indefinable to become tangible and personal.

  • Recognize goodness for all and connect it to everyone.

    To facilitate courage to go beyond, further, deeper - evolving into what is not yet occurred for the individual and the community.